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Who we are and what
we believe in


With more than 20 years in the higher education compliance and management sectors, the NBBEConsulting team provides independent, data-driven services to inform all interested parties to make better decisions that assure improved quality assurance policies, procedures, and practices.


The Principal Consultant is Ms. Perliter Walters-Gilliam, an international quality assurance and accreditation expert who has conducted over 300 visits to 13 countries and more than 30 states. Ms. Gilliam has been leading, conducting, guiding, and evaluating institutions on the core requirements of seeking and maintaining institutional accreditation. She has consulted with various ministries of education in different educational systems expanding her repertoire of quality assurance nuances and processes across the globe. Her scope of expertise includes training and development, accreditation compliance, Standards review for accrediting agencies, and recognition applications. She also provides executive coaching to College Presidents and School Owners, serving as an advisor and confidant. She works with a team of experts in various fields to ensure excellence in results for all clients.

Our Core Values


Integrity – we hold ourselves accountable and strive for excellence in our work

Transparency – through open dialogue, we invite honesty and openness in our communication and interactions

Respect – we cultivate a working relationship and environment where every stakeholder is valued

Empathy – we always strive to understand the perspective of others with the objective of collaboration

Fairness – we believe in doing the right, honorable, and equitable thing – every time to everyone in every situation

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