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What we Do

Accrediting and Quality Assurance Agencies and Entities



Independent Review and Evaluation of  Accreditation or QA Standards

Effectiveness Assessment of Quality Assurance Framework

Application for Recognition Guidance

Higher Education Institutions and Programs


Accreditation Evaluations and Renewal/Reaffirmations

Application for Initial Institutional and/or Specialized Accreditation

Institutional Leadership and Staff Professional Development

Accreditation Preparatory (Mock) Assessments

Compliance Audits

Exploration of Growth and Development Opportunities

Live Training 

Institutional Quality Enhancement Programs


The following training programs can be tailored to meet specific institutional needs. They are available at the institution's site or packaged for own delivery (purchase content):


Staff Development (includes at least 5 modules/sessions)

Institutional Compliance - Onboarding or Professional Development.

Learning Outcomes Assessment

Faculty Development and Improvement

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