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National Advisory of What to do What?

In the 2021 iteration of the "Quality in Higher Education" Act, the bill (H.R. 5103) is suggesting that the National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (NACIQI) be given the authority to "...regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the performance benchmarks established and standards established by accrediting agencies and associations.." and to also " similarly situated accrediting agencies or associations.."

Obviously neither Rep. Wilson or her staff attended either of the 2021 NACIQI meetings! While the February 2021 meeting was a spectacle in partiality, the July 2021 meeting was an appalling display of the Committee's lack of training on their role (they said it but we already knew it), inconsistent interpretation of the regulations, and overall superiority complex. I kid you not, one member asked an agency if the field was a real science, while another attempted to find an area of non-compliance for an agency that had no findings.

While the introduction of the Bill is cloaked in the rationale of "oversight", we all should wonder what is under that cloak - if anything at all!

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